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Moco's Got Talent 2020

Proud to be a judge and a sponsor 

of a the biggest talent show in the DMV. In continuing support for new talents. 

Purpose: Talent growth and discovery

Theme: Talent Show, Competition 



Video Editing by BeyondCollective --

Purpose: DCJCC Social Justice event

Theme: Indie Pop, Folk, Inspirational

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This is a composition submitted as part of Hans Zimmer's Bleeding Fingers Competition based on Hans Zimmer's original composition, arranged and adapted to a trailer from Company of Heroes: D-Day by Relic Entertainment

Purpose: Film Score, Computer Game, Trailer

Theme: Epic, Action, Drama, Battle


Warning: This video contains scenes of war and violence. Viewer discretion advised.


Kickstarter campaign commercial for

SUM Company - Interchangeable Sunglasses

Purpose: Commercial, Advertising

Theme: indie pop, summer, fun